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A Winter Break

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True is the tale that describes the allure of a serene wooden cottage miles from the brisk world we live in. Centuries of poems and proverbs have been written in an attempt to encapsulate the tranquillity a cottage in the countryside can possess.

A 19th century writer put it best when he analogized that ‘in a simple and peaceful cottage with beautiful views one will not dream about the palaces or the heavens because we will already have a perfect thing.’

At Hall Farm Cottages we strive to bring this feeling of repose to each and every one of our guests.

With the haste of Christmas preparation at its peak what better way to recoup from the holiday rush than with a short break in one of our remote and rustic cottages?

Idyllic scenery and snowy walks, our holiday cottages come with the rural charm of the English countryside and although we are all about an authentic unplugged experience here at Hall Farm Cottages, we do offer one modern day gem – wifi. So you can have the best of worlds at your leisure.

If the idea of a pre new year break appeals to you make sure you get in touch with us today and book yourself a slice of solitude in our Norfolk holiday cottages on 01692 630385 or fill in our online enquiry form here.

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