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Once upon a time in the heart of the Norfolk Broads, some beautiful barns fell into disrepair and were no longer fit for use!

Ivor and Linda Hudson had the vision and took the barns that had been used as milking parlours by the tenants of Hall Farm since the 1920s and created Hall Farm Cottages.

Over the winter of 1997/98, they started with a tired old barn and its outbuildings and although the barns were originally built in the 1920s, it is believed that some of the materials used, such as the roof trusses (seen in the courtyard) and the original windows were retrieved from previous buildings, possibly dating back to the mid 19th century and were crying out to be used again!

Their vision was of something exciting and different, of creating holiday cottages for the whole family, including the dog!

So, in 1998 they opened 6 doors to their accessible cottages, and then added another 2 more doors and a one bedded Loft apartment followed.

In 2002 Hannah, me, returned from living in a very hot country and put down roots back in Norfolk!

I joined the family business at the age of 20 something and gradually took the reins, and I’ve never looked back!

Over the past 16 years, I have had 2 children, moved house and made improvements and changes to the surrounding land, and you can now enjoy our idyllic setting, with a fully stocked fishing lake and a water meadow which offer the perfect setting for the perfect holiday and the perfect wedding.

Our commitment to our guests remains as it ever was – welcoming and relaxing, nothing is too much trouble to make your stay perfect for you.

Here’s to the future! The story doesn’t end here.

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