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Running Routes Near Your Norfolk Holiday Cottage

Winter seems contrived to keep us in the house and on the couch. Cold fronts. Polar vortexes. It’s far too early in the year to think about lacing up your running shoes and getting the blood flowing. Right?

According to the weather man, spring is in the air, which means there should be a spring in your step. We’ve put together a quick list of some of our favourite running routes near or Norfolk holiday cottages. If you still need a silver lining, some of  them lead to the pub.

Weavers’ Way, Short Walk

A 17-minute drive from Hall Farm’s Norfolk holiday cottages.

This 3.5 mile trail is a gorgeous, rural circular that takes you on a brief yet eclectic run. Start at the village of Thurne, and enjoy the varied scenery of farmland, working mills, an authentic thatched church, historic railway lines. If this feels like just a warm-up, Weavers’ Way links up with a number of other popular Norfolk Trails. There’s also the Weavers’ Way circular that adds an extra mile to your workout.

Bittern Line Railway Ramble

A 12-minute drive from Hall Farm’s Norfolk holiday cottages.

This one-of-a-kind 6 mile loop starts out at Hoveton and Wroxham Station and takes you to through the gorgeous Coltishall Common. You can stop for a well-earned pint at the riverside, and take it easy all the way back to Wroxham.

Coastal Runs

A 20-minute drive from Hall Farm’s Norfolk holiday cottages.

Our Norfolk holiday cottages are situated just twenty minutes from the prestigious east coastline. Practically the entire stretch of the coast is a runner’s paradise. Many of the beaches are dog friendly too, so you can enjoy stretching the holidays out of your muscles with your four-legged friends.

The Dog Inn, Ludham

A 20-minute run from Hall Farm’s Norfolk holiday cottages.

Some people say it’s the journey, not the destination, but those people haven’t been down to the Dog Inn at Ludham. This is our local pub; serving locally-sourced food and featured ales all-year round. As the name suggests: it’s dog-friendly. It’s also renowned for its great atmosphere and quirky charm. Run over to the Dog Inn, and stagger back in your own time.

Hall Farm’s Norfolk Holiday Cottages

Hall Farm’s Norfolk holiday cottages are the perfect place to get away and switch off for a few days in the inimitable Norfolk Broads. There’re plenty of well-trodden walking routes, and countless more places to explore if you fancy getting off the beaten track.

Contact a member of our team if you’d like any more information. We’re happy to provide you with the benefit of our expertise, to help you get the most of your stay with us.