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Why a cottage holiday is the best holiday

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It is often said that in order to truly immerse yourself in the rich sub culture of an English province one must reside in the cottages of that county.


Not only are cottage holidays a soothing retreat from the fast paced world we live in but they also rank as one of the top 10 holiday destinations this side of the world and here are a few reasons why:


Being closer to the community


In order to truly soak up the culture of the local community one must be close to the heart of it and a holiday cottage is the perfect place to begin your expedition. Cottages are usually dotted around the hub of the community so you can feel like one of the locals whilst you engross yourself in the unique atmosphere.


You can take your pets with you


Holiday cottages aren’t just people friendly they are very much pet friendly too and what would a vacation be without our canine companions by our side.


The scenery


Located in some of the most beautiful spots in the country, holiday cottages never fail to deliver on the beauty of the English countryside.


Rustic charm


Bursting with character and the feel of being in a home away from home where better to spend your holiday than in front of an open roaring fire, huge comfy sofas and traditional kitchens.


So why wait? Book yourself a luxury holiday cottage today with Hall Farm Cottages call us on 01692 630685 to begin your journey into bliss.

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