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History on our doorstep

We’re fortunate here at Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk to have a selection of history and beautiful surroundings, right on our doorstep; one of them being the stunning St. Benet’s Abbey.

St. Benet’s Abbey used to be one of the most powerful landmarks during the 12th century in the county of Norfolk. During the Tudor era where the country was ruled by King Henry VII, he demanded that all Monasteries across England were to close, however, there was one Monastery that remained standing and operating; St Benet’s Abbey. Although over the years this famous landmark gradually disappeared, its original location still beams one of the most mesmerising and historical locations in England.

Here is an animated video of what the Abbey might have looked like:

What adds more of a unique touch to the St. Benet’s Abbey is the River Bure that surrounds this historical landmark and that you can spot Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk in the distance!

St. Benet’s Abbey - Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk

A visit to the Abbey is a must and we highly recommend you doing so. It’s perfect for winter walks with the family or partner, and for those have a strong interest in bird watching. Flocks of fieldfares, common cranes in flight and short-eared owls are commonly spotted around the Abbey. There are also free guided tours available between May and September, which we also recommend.

To learn more about St. Benet’s Abbey, just click on this link:

If this something that interests you, then let us know when you book one of Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk, so we can prepare you guided walk map and directions.

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