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Allow yourself to be beguiled by the beauty of the Norfolk Broads this winter. With a plethora of activities, abundance of wildlife, and picturesque landscapes for you to immerse yourself in, what finer place could there be for you to spend your well-deserved vacation?

The lakes and waterways give the Norfolk Broads a quality of scenery and recreational resource that is found nowhere else in England. The mix of six rivers and sixty three lakes, farmland, fell, woodland and residential areas gives each valley a visual and cultural distinctiveness of its own. And in addition to the scenic views and flamboyant aura, Norfolk also boasts some of the finest eateries, cafes and restaurants alike, in the country.

The Lakelands attract not only couples who seek a romantic weekend away, but the allure of the waterways also captivates families, groups of friends as well as unaccompanied travellers. Dubbed as ‘Britain’s Magical Waterland’ you can spend your days on a boat sailing through the mystic beauty of the rivers or strolling through the lush landscapes of the Norfolk Broads.

So what are you waiting for? Come and take a stroll through one of the country’s most exquisite pieces of land, relish in the gentle evening breeze, and bask in the beauty of the quaint landscapes of the Lakelands.

And when you need a cosy haven to recoup in from the day’s activities look no further than Hall Farm, our self catering cottages are designed to be a slice of luxury at an affordable price. We are also just a stone’s throw away from the Norfolk Broads making us the perfect spot for your holiday home so give us a call on 01692 630385 for more information on our luxury holiday cottages in Norfolk.

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