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Seal the deal with Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk

Norfolk is home to a number of historical landmarks and stunning scenery, but this one is way up there at the top; grey seals. Fortunately, these grey seals are as friendly as the local folk and the beaches that they habitat on are open to the public – to an extent. It’s another excuse to book one of Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk!

According to marine experts, the grey seals have reached a record in birth numbers this winter and apparently, these adorable creatures are getting used to human interaction, which is a good thing. Our neighbourly seals can be found on Horsey beach, and this winter the delightful animals gave birth to record number of 1,084 baby seals, compared to 804 last winter.

The colonisation of the grey seals first began in Norfolk back in 2003 and they have since made it their home, which we’re not complaining about. Although the beaches are privately owned, public access is still available in some areas; this is for the safety of both the seals and the public. Horsey beach is closed and protected from any public access during breeding season which is between November and January.

We love the seals here at Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk. They are simply irresistible and a must see if you’re lucky enough to get the chance to. If you were looking for another reason to visit Norfolk then we can’t think of a better one. Before you start planning your trip to Norfolk, how about getting in touch with Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk first for availability?

Get in touch with us to book your stay with Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk and let the planning for your holiday build up around it. Of course, we’ll be more than happy to recommend things and give you helping a hand on your Norfolk visit.

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