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Your Summer Staycation

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For many people, holidays are about gathering up friends or family, filling a bag with swimwear and sun cream, boarding a plane for somewhere hot and relaxing in the sun. However in recent years more and more people have been looking closer to home for holiday inspiration. And not without good reason – here we present just a few of the reasons you should opt for a staycation this year!


  1. No Passport Required


We’ve all endured that bolt of lightening feeling when you can’t find your passport at the bottom of your bag once you arrive at the airport. And even though you know that you’ve packed it, you somehow manage convince yourself it’s at home withering away in a drawer somewhere.

But get this, with a staycation that is one experience guaranteed to not happen.


  1. The travel is easier


There’s no crossing over into different time zones and jumbling up your sleep patterns, no planes to board, no having to pick up a hire car, and then having to keep reminding yourself which side of the road to drive on. Nope. Whether you’re going by car, train, boat or barge, you’re on home soil – and everything is a doddle.


  1. You’ll discover just how beautiful the UK really is


It’s easy to forget the UK is home to some of the most exquisite pieces of land known to man. The list is endless and chances are you’ve still got plenty left to see.


  1. There actually are some lovely beaches here


For some reason, many of us see British beaches as though viewed from a rain filled windscreen on a depressingly grey day. But how wrong we are. Take yourself to Waxham Beach, Walcott Beach, Holme next to the sea Beach, Gorsleton Beach and the list could go on and on.


  1. Our Cottages


Here at Hall Farm Cottages we can be that cosy haven you need to recoup from everyday life. Our self catering cottages are designed to be a slice of luxury at an affordable price. We are also just a stone’s throw away from the Norfolk Broads making us the perfect spot for your staycation this year.


If the idea of spending your holiday with us in our luxury cottages in Norfolk appeals to you then give us a call on 01692 630385 for more information.

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