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A holiday in Britain

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Are you planning a summer holiday this year? Did you know statistically Brit’s are more likely to opt for a staycation these days? We’re not saying this just saying this because we are home to some lovely little cottages in Norfolk either!

You were probably introduced to the phrase staycation around the time of the recession. As people were tighten their purse strings, they were saying goodbye to sunny beaches and instead saying hello to the British countryside, coastal villages, and city centres. You may think that holiday trends have changed a little since then, but you would of course be wrong.

According to a number of reports, the great British public are still fond of the great staycation. Great news for us here at Hall Farm. Despite the improving economy, it seems that we are still in love with what the British Isles has to offer as a holiday destination, and rightly so. We still favour the picturesque countryside locations, exciting city breaks and coastal retreats, to those longer overseas holidays.

British holiday data indicates that between 2008 and 2015, the amount of people opting for a domestic holiday has increased by 20%, year on year. According to the data, we also choose a lovely little weekend break over a longer seven day trip.

This leads us nicely to our next couple of questions. Where are you planning on taking your next holiday? Are you one of the people who prefers a short domestic trip, over a week or two abroad? Here at Hall Farm, we have a selection of lovely little Holiday cottages in Norfolk ready for you to visit. For those of you who love a staycation, the Norfolk Broads has an awful lot on offer. Don’t take our word for it though, why not come on down and see for yourself.

Get in touch with us today to check our availability, or for more information on our holiday cottages in Norfolk. Make the most of your summer holiday this year.

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