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5 Reasons Why Taking Your Dog on Holiday is a Good Idea

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When taking your family on a UK break, one family member is often left behind – the dog. This doesn’t have to be the case, and there are plenty of reasons why taking your dog on holiday is a good idea. In this blog post we’ll highlight just a few.


You’ll Explore More

When bringing your dog on holiday with you, they still need walking, so they are the perfect excuse to get out and discover your surroundings.

Dogs are natural explorers, and despite your best efforts they will want to follow the routes you didn’t think of. Even if they are the muddiest, most awkward routes possible.

While that might not sound appealing, going ‘off-piste’ can result in you finding some of the UK’s hidden gems that you may not have found otherwise.

They Keep You Social

As a country, we’re well known for being sociable people, and ‘holiday friends’ are often part of the experience of a break away.

Dogs are the perfect ice-breaker, and you’ll often get talking to people who want to pet or ask about your dog. They provide a way to start a conversation with stranger, who could potentially become a new friend.

Photo Opportunities

Who doesn’t love dog photos? Taking your dog on holiday with you ensures you’ll have endless content for your social media accounts.

Whether that is a video of your four-legged friend getting stuck trying to get the biggest stick through the smallest gate, or a photo of them looking cute, fast asleep after a busy day. Just make sure you tag #DogsOfInstagram!

Guilt-Free Holiday

No one likes leaving their dogs, and the guilt associated with leaving them in a kennel while you’re away is enough to ruin some peoples holidays. So bringing them with you is a win-win situation.

You get to enjoy yourself, without worrying that your dog is being looked after, and your dog gets to experience a fantastic holiday with its favourite people.

Save Money

Putting your dogs in kennels can be expensive, sometimes as expensive as your holiday! So bringing your furry friend away with you can often save you a considerable amount of money.

Dog Friendly Holidays in Norfolk

If you’re looking to take your dog on holiday with you in the UK, why not consider Norfolk? At Hall Farm we provide dog friendly cottage, and we even have secure kennels available free of charge.

If you would like more information about bringing your dog on holiday, please get in touch!

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