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Flex those mussels

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Tis the season to eat mussels, tra la la la la la la. It is folks, the warm summer season may have drawn to the end, but behind every closed door another one opens and behind this door is the delicious and fresh mussels.

If you were planning on staying at one of our bed and breakfast Norfolk cottages, and you’re not sure where to go for lunch or dinner or what to eat, then you should sample our local restaurants and try out our famous mussels. For every month that has an ‘r’ in it, so basically September to March, the mussels come alive. We’re huge fans of them; they are so fresh and simply delicious.

Our local mussels can be found on a chance-tide line or on local tables, as well as fishmongers, local shops and restaurants. You can venture down to Morston High Street, Blakeney Lay-by or at Clay roadside. An average bag of mussels will cost you around £5 which isn’t expensive at all and each bag is enough for two people. Or if you’re passing fishmongers such as Holt outlet Spencers Plaice proprietor, Mr Finn – that’s no joke, that’s his actual name, make sure you pop in!

Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to snap up a bag of fresh mussels, and enjoy a scrumptious meal! Though, you might have to put an extra plate out because I can’t resist eating mussels!

How do you eat your mussels? Plain and straight out the shell with a sprinkle of lemon juice, or the classic French way with white wine, cream and parsley? However you eat yours, I’m sure it’s delicious; just remember that if the mussel is still closed up in its shell after they have been cooked, they’re not good to eat.

Warm your cockles up with Norfolk’s famous mussels – d’ya get it, cockles and mussels? Doesn’t matter! Our bed and breakfast Norfolk cottages are available all year round and not just during mussel season and we’ll also deliver a freshly prepared continental breakfast. Book your cottage today.

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