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Seal the deal in Norfolk this autumn

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Norfolk is full of surprises and this one is by far the cutest, and if you ever needed an excuse to visit Norfolk, this is it. Blakeney Point in Norfolk has become home to the most adorable seals and if you wanted to a trip where you can truly experience the natural world, then here it is; a colony of seals.

The colony consists of both common and grey seals, and in winter just passed, the Norfolk pets became the biggest colony of seals England has ever seen. Honestly, we’ve been to see them and we always tell our guests who stay at our cottages in Norfolk to go and visit them, you can get a true encounter with these adorable seals.

During the summer months, the common seals begin breeding and winter time for the grey seals. The seals aren’t afraid to come and say hello, and you shouldn’t feel scared either. Their big bulging eyes and soppy faces are enough to make you want to go over there. They will swim around the boats and you’ll sometimes find them lurking around on the beach.

Both seals can be distinguished. The common seals have a cute round face with ‘v’ shaped nostrils, whereas the grey seals are much larger in size and have speckles on their coats. They have long pointed heads and parallel noses.

If you wanted to see the seals in their full natural environment close up and personal, there are frequent trips from Blakeney Harbour and Moston Quay. The trips last one hour, but they often extend them to two hours over summer. So if you were looking for a reason to visit Norfolk this autumn, our stunning seals should hopefully seal the deal (excuse the pun).

If you like me you love seals, then you must, must, must come to Norfolk. The seals will be in their natural environment and welcome new faces to say hello too, just like we do at our homely cottages in Norfolk.

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