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A Room with a View

Imagine if this was the view that you saw every morning when you looked out of your window. It makes such a pleasant change to the usual vision of identikit office blocks, large retail outlets and endless rows of traffic which are a commonplace sight if one resides in the city centre. Even if you manage to purchase an apartment on the outskirts of a large municipal area it is still a far cry from being situated in the heart of rural Norfolk, and so it will make a welcome and pleasant change when you are awoken from a peaceful slumber by the sweet sound of birdsong rather than the rumble of trains, commotion of commuters and tannoy announcements from the nearest train station. You do not want to be totally isolated and out of the way as it is always important to have access to local amenities, but it is always nice to relax, unwind and really get away from it all if you are desperate for a well-deserved break before the kids break up for the summer holidays.

Holiday cottages in Norfolk need to be inviting, roomy and accommodating and cater for all types of parties. Couples, groups of friends and families will all fall in love instantly with stunning, stylish and spacious holiday cottages in Norfolk, which come courtesy of Hall Farm Cottages, as they hold universal appeal and are absolutely beautiful both inside and out. Heron Cottage is a fine example of what we have to offer our valued guests as it is such a quaint and charming abode which is full of hidden surprises. Subtle tweaks and flourishes make this warm and welcoming ‘home away from home’ even more attractive and alluring and it even has its very own fully-enclosed garden so you can catch the early-morning rays of sunshine and laze about with loved ones until the early hours of the evening when dusk sets in.

Sleeping 4-5 people, this lovely little holiday home in Norfolk is ever so popular with travellers across the country-as well as further afield-as you can gaze upon woods and water and feel completely at ease with your surroundings. And the best thing is that you can even indulge in a hearty breakfast if you are partial to some good old-fashioned British grub, as we also provide top of the range bed and breakfast Norfolk as part of the package. If you want to find out more about what we have to offer as regards bed and breakfast Norfolk then please get in touch with Hall Farm Cottages today.

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