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The Most Wonderful Walkers’ Retreat

We are all keen to venture abroad when the weather takes a turn for the worse and you start to see patches of grey covering what used to be a cloudless blue sky, as you know that the climate is far more clement overseas. Jetting off to sunny Spain, tranquil Turkey or cosmopolitan Crete is a commonplace staple for the majority of us when summer arrives as we love nothing more than to grab our sunglasses, floppy hat and the latest smash-hit novel and head to foreign shores. Lazing around on the beach whilst your kids splash happily in the sea is one of the most appealing concepts of the holidays as you can sit back, relax and unwind without a care or worry in the world. Booking a fortnight away from the stresses and strains of office life will give you some much needed respite and repose, but you have to make sure that you plan everything down to the finest detail in order to ensure that everything runs without a hitch.

With careful and meticulous preparation you cannot put a foot wrong, but it can often be rather expensive if you have to take into consideration pricey flight tickets, hotel rates and taxi fares as costs could mount up without you even realising. In these cash-strapped times many of us have to stick to a strict budget, so maybe it is wise thinking of alternative ways in which you are able to get that truly authentic continental experience without spending an absolute fortune for the privilege.

Well, how about securing one of our stunning, affordable holiday cottages in Norfolk, courtesy of Hall Farm Cottages? Each and every one of our spacious, roomy and accommodating holiday cottages in Norfolk comes with its very own spectacular view, cosy outdoor area and extremely soft sofas for you to sink into after a hard day’s hiking. In fact, we offer all of our guests a special Hall Farm breakfast hamper that is filled with pastries, fresh bread, cereal, yoghurt and more. It’s the perfect breakfast to set you up for the rigours of the day and steel you towards tackling steep hills, winding country paths and intriguing nature trails so that you can observe the local wildlife happily going about their business in their natural habitat. With a diverse and broad ranging assortment of bed and breakfast in Norfolk dishes for you to choose from, you will be able to select the perfect plate from our extensive menu-and we even cater for specific dietary requirements too! For more information just give Hall Farm Cottages a call today.

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