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Unwind in the Broads…

WOW! Well what a week last week was, talk about madness we’ve been super busy here in the Broads playing host to fun frolic lots of families, friends and even warms splashes of sunshine! Aren’t we a lucky bunch eh?

We’ve decided to kick back and relax this week, keeping it quiet we’re hoping for some more sunshine and maybe another barbecue… what’s that I hear you say, you want to join us? Well come along to Hall Farm Cottages and experience the great British Countryside like never before. Our self-catering holiday cottages in Norfolk are perfect for families and large friends groups with some of our luxury cottages sleeping up to 7 people.

This week we’re going to give you 10 facts about the Norfolk Broads which will help make your holiday an even more memorable one! So here goes…

  • The Broads is Britain’s largest nationally protected wetland.
  • There six rivers and 63 broads which make up the Norfolk Broads
  • Every year there are around 7 million visitors to the Broads.
  • Norfolk is home to 659 medieval churches, the highest concentration in the world.
  • The Norfolk coastline stretches for nearly 100 miles – from Hopton on Sea to the Wash.
  • The name ‘Norfolk’ derives from the Anglo-Saxon for the place of the North folk. (‘Suffolk’ being the place of the South folk.)
  • The Norfolk Broads are not a natural phenomenon, but are the result of flooded peat workings.
  • Norfolk is the fifth largest county in England.
  • The highest point in Norfolk is Beacon Hill near West Runton – standing at 338ft above sea level.
  • The Broads are a man-made wonder that look natural – in fact people had no idea that they were made by man until 50 years ago.

So there you have it guys 10 facts that may or may not be of any use to you, but nonetheless tell the history of our beautiful Broads as we know them today, if you’d like to explore the blues, greens and everything in-between about the Broads then book one of our self-catering holiday cottages in Norfolk today and enjoy a luxurious stay at Hall Farm!

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